The city of Marseille, France, has always been a welcoming land. 
How many destinies has it served ?
This sun-drenched city is an intense and free place to live. It helped me rebuild myself for a new start.
In these pictures, I wanted to share how I felt, as a women, progresively reconecting to myself, my body and my soul. I took inspiration from the sea, the water, the plants and the mineral textures specific to its territory. By bringing a dimension of dreams and magic to my images,
I wanted to evoque this power of life which is both in our bodies and in the nature, like a same spirit. This serie is an invitation to dream, explore, and let ourselves be carried by the waves. 


This project documents the fascinating diversity of landscapes, textures and atmospheres of Salin-de-Giraud (France).

︎ Salin-de-Giraud
︎ 43.410459° 4.732294°
︎ landscape
︎ textures

Maison Peaux Neuves - Campaign


Design and production for Maison Peaux Neuves - art de la table. A french brand who manufactures grape leather tableware.

︎ Set design
︎ Still life
︎ Grape leather

Making Light


A commission carried out as part of the professional certification at the ENSP (in Arles, France) for the 40th anniversary of the Photographic School.  

︎ Lines
︎ ENSP 
︎ Arles

Contemporary Botany
2021 - in progress

An abstract exploration of forms and colors for flowers lovers. 

︎ flowers
︎ plants 
︎ macro